DEP Complaint Database as of 02/02/15

#fileroom Complaints for Pennsylvania have been collected for 17 of 40 counties with shale gas. If you have access to Complaints and would like to submit them to the #fileroom database please get in touch with our team through the contact page or leave a comment here.

Public Herald started collecting DEP complaint files when they first became available in Spring 2013. DEP files these complaints into categories: water complaints and general complaints are the main two, while in some instances a pollution category is introduced.  Water complaints deal mostly with drinking water and general complaints deal with everything else, however that doesn’t mean that general complaints don’t also deal with water. There’s no consistency as to why a pollution complaint is filed in its own category, but they’re filed in water or general complaint fold2ers.

Complaint files are organized on #fileroom by county with complaint maps created by Public Herald, #fileroom and FracTracker.

PADEP Complaints Manual (Text)