[#fileroom beta version 1.0] Public Herald created this online open source #fileroom primarily for the public and journalists to access and contribute to. The purpose of this website is to provide accurate up-to-date information about oil and gas files managed by a collective effort of individuals and organizations. Due to the barriers we’ve discovered in reviewing oil and gas files, we’re working to release as many public records as possible and collaborate with the online community to build a comprehensive online file room.

In recent news: #fileroom is scheduled for an official launch in the Spring of 2015.

More About #fileroom 

We’re still working out the odds and ends for #fileroom but here’s a few things to look out for when on the site.

Something highlighted in yellow means we’ve collected a complete set of data for those files.

Something highlighted in red means either the data for those files is incomplete and we need to collect additional files, or it can also highlight an alert about a single file or group of files we think the reader should pay special attention to.

The highlights are mainly ways for our team to interact with the user.

Understanding Open Source

More About Public Herald & #fileroom

Public Herald is a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative journalism in the public interest. Our independent group of journalists and artists work with communities who face challenging conditions to tell their stories through engaging online journalism and multimedia projects. We are focused on accountability where people are silenced by the abuse of power from government, industry, social or environmental circumstances.

The website for #fileroom is made possible by generous funding from Public Herald, its devoted members, individuals from the #fileroom File Team, and volunteers. We are working to secure funding from a range of foundations and interested parties throughout 2015 to help complete the #fileroom website and continue its efforts for transparency of public records. If you are interested in helping #fileroom, please consider making a donation.