Lycoming County Permits

Permits for Lycoming County are not Complete

8 Permits collected for Lycoming County as of 04/14

#fileroom Permits for Lycoming County are incomplete as of 04/14. They are a total of 8 permits available here, but more are needed to complete this file set. If you have access to complete Permit files and would like to submit them to the #fileroom database please get in touch with our team through the contact page or leave a comment here.

Permit files for unconventional oil and gas drilling can contain: well completion reports, well records, inspection and violation reports, the well permit and maps, correspondences related to the permit, and an OG71: which also contains a Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) plan and equipment used for handling waste onsite. Although the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) provides some information on well permits through their e-files page, most of the important details, such as inspections and notes on violations, are left off the website.

Permits are often clumped together since one well pad may have up to 10 wells drilled, meaning those 10 permits would have the same inspections and requests.

Permit file names “OG71_cummings_twp_7648541_081-21214 8 permits B” are broken down by whether the file has an OG71 (files without OG71’s will not have OG71 in their file name), what township the file is from, the database number DEP uses to store the file, and the permit(s) contained in the file.