WMGR123 documents are complete for the Pennsylvania north central region. There are 28 total permits as of 11/01/14. #fileroom is working on collecting permits for all six regions holding WMGR123 files.

In March 2012 DEP reissued the revised general permit WMGR123, a move that merged three redundant waste permits into one, “providing clarity for the regulated community, general public and the department.” These waste records are filed as a ‘general’ permit and therefore held in any of the six regional offices at DEP.

six dep regional offices for oil and gas waste from fracking

In a public notice, the DEP wrote, “WMGR123 encourages the reuse of liquid wastes generated on oil and gas well sites and related infrastructure through a closed loop process that allows the return of treated liquid waste to oil and gas well sites for reuse, thereby minimizing water withdrawals and impacts on this Commonwealth’s valuable water resources. Solids generated by the treatment process are residual wastes and must be managed in accordance with the residual waste regulations.”

WMGR123 Beneficial Use of Oil and Gas Waste (Text)