Pike County Complaints

Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Complaint Map


The Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Complaint Map by Public Herald & FracTracker Alliance shows the density of citizen complaints reported to the Department of Environmental Protection from 2004 – 2016. The widespread dispersal of complaints matches the shape of the Marcellus Shale formation. Clicking a township reveals a database of complaints where viewers can download files.

NO COMPLAINTS ARE ON FILE FOR PIKE COUNTY: this county is located outside of the Marcellus Shale but could still generate complaints for pipeline infrastructure, etc., in the future.

Complaints are filed by county and by township in Pennsylvania.

Public Herald started collecting DEP complaint files when they first became available in Spring 2013, in previous years no one could access complaints. DEP files these complaints into three categories: water, pollution and general complaints. Water complaints deal mostly with drinking water. General complaints deal with everything else, however that doesn’t mean that general complaints don’t also deal with water. Pollution complaints have no categorical consistency.